Photos From the Detroit Transformers 3 Set

We’ve received new photos of the Transformers 3 production from Blake, who writes:

I wanted to send you pics and information about the Transformers 3 filming that is now going on in Downtown Detroit.

These are taken from my loft overlooking a street and park in downtown. They are going crazy ripping up streets flipping cars, creating fake store fronts, putting in false subway station entrances. Also they have trucked in massive props what look like some type of robot from the design… Not sure what it is yet, but looks like parts of a big robot or a tank. They are filming downtown all week and into the weekend, they will be doing some sort of building explosion this week (the liquor store behind the piece of robot in the picture), we got notices from the production company about loud noise and filming during the day and night. So I wanted to submit these pics, but also let anyone know if they are in the area some large scenes are being filmed in the next few days and some people might have luck spotting something cool. They are filming on Griswold and Grand River in downtown Detroit in Capital park.

You can view the full gallery here or by clicking on the photo below!