Ryan Reynolds May Choose Between Deadpool and R.I.P.D.

Increasingly in the spotlight, actor Ryan Reynolds revealed today to i09 that his busy schedule may prevent him from appearing in both Deadpool and R.I.P.D.

"…because it has an actor, and because these films have interested directors, it’s obviously likely that they’ll both get made," said Reynolds, "But I think it would be more likely that only one of them gets made with me."

Reynolds is slated to next shoot a film called The Change-Up, a body-swapping comedy where he plays opposite Jason Bateman. After that, he’s committed to Safe House, playing a CIA Agent charged with protecting a criminal witness (Denzel Washington) after their safe house is attacked. It would likely be after production on both projects that Reynolds would tackle either of the two comic book adaptations.

Though he appeared hesitant to comment at this stage, it is likely that the already-proposed Green Lantern sequel will make Reynold’s schedule even more complicated in the near future.