Green Lantern Dialogue and Set Description

A lengthy piece on Ryan Reynolds’ career has been posted at GQ, including several descriptions of the actor’s experiences prepping for and being on the set of Green Lantern.

Due to the extensive CGI involved in creating the final look of the film, it remains difficult to know how much of what is described physically will make it into the final cut, but there are notes on one scene involving Hal Jordan’s training with two alien Green Lanterns, one of which is described as being on stilts (most likely Kilowog).

"You smell funny," says the alien.

"You smell," Hal responds, "like a bag of *ssholes."

The article notes that the line is improvised and does not necessarily reflect the dialogue as it will ultimately appear on-screen.

Also included in the piece is a description of Reynolds’ diet and workout routine which he began for Blade: Trinity and which has lead to him being in peak physical shape for Green Lantern.

Click here to head to GQ for the whole article.