Heroes Story Won’t be Wrapped with Movie

Entertainment Weekly has learned that NBC is not moving forward with a movie that would wrap up "Heroes." There was some talk about the possibity of a TV movie after the network cancelled the show last May.

In June, Kring told EW that "the Heroes brand is an extremely broad premise. It was a premise about ordinary people, an undisclosed number of people all over the world, who were waking up to these extraordinary abilities. Any number of stories could happen around that. We never posited a single ending or a single premise.  It wasn’t about getting off of an island or stopping something from happening. We told stories in volumes that had a beginning, a middle, and an end. Those volumes could go on and on and on with many different characters. As a result, that Heroes universe is something that can be tapped into again in many ways."

We’ll let you know if the story will be continued in some other way.