Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Costume Guide

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is less than a month from release and Marvel has just unveiled the alternate playable costumes that can be unlocked through gameplay or through in-store exclusives. Check out images of all thirteen costumes below:

The Amazing Spider-Man

Since way, way back in Amazing Fantasy #15, Peter Parker has worn his original red and blue, handmade and first designed for his brief stint as a profesional wrestler. One of the four costumes available immediately in gameplay, the Spidey we all know and love is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, who provided dialogue for the web slinger in the 2003 animated series.

Spider-Man 2099

In the early 1990’s, one of Marvel’s possible futures took over various comic titles, showcasing incarnations of familiar Marvel faces in the year 2099. This Spider-Man (voiced in the game by Dan Gilvezan of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends fame) has a secret identity in the form of geneticist Miguel O’ Hara, whose experiments on himself provided spider-like abilities.

Spider-Man Noir

Part of a recent series of alternate reality comics, Spider-Man Noir is a Peter Parker of the 1930’s who, after being bitten by a spider from inside an antique statue, gains the familiar spider powers. Spider-Man Noir is voiced in the game by Christopher Daniel Barnes, the actor who supplied the voice for the early 1990’s Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

Ultimate Spider-Man

The flagship title of Marvel’s Ultimate line, Ultimate Spider-Man was a modern updating of Peter Parker’s story by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Bagley. The Shattered Dimensions version seems to go the black costume route, giving Spider-Man the powers of the Venom symbiote. Ultimate Spider-Man is voiced by Josh Keaton, the star of the animated series The Spectacular Spider-Man.

The Scarlet Spider

Part of the most complicated Spider-Man tale of all time, The Scarlet Spider is Ben Reilly, a clone of Peter Parker who disappeared for years, but who later returned to discover that he was, in fact, the one true Peter Parker after all. For a brief time, Ben Reilly took up the Spider-Man mantle (in a costume that, so far, seems to be missing from Shattered Dimensions) only to have his reality twisted one more time. Revealed as an unknowing impostor thanks the Green Goblin’s faked test results, Reilly rapidly degenerated and has not appeared in the 616 continuity since.

The Iron Spider

Peter Parker had a brief pre-Civil War stint working for Tony Stark. In return, Tony whipped him up his own Iron Man-esque spider-suit, complete with multi-appendaged mechanical legs that could extend from the back, as well as other technical gadgets. When superhuman registration became an issue, Parker followed Stark’s advice and revealed his identity on national television. Later regretting the decision (and his association with Stark), Peter returned to his old non-mechanical spandex.

In the world of the game, this is a variant costume owned by the 2099 Spider-Man.

The Manga Spider-Man

A Japanese take on the Spider-Man mythos, Marvel introduced this 70’s version to Western audience in the mid-nineties. Like Peter Parker, Yu Komori is a junior high school student whose powers are granted through a radioactive spider bite.

In the game continuity, the Manga Spider-Man exists in the Ultimate universe.

The Negative Zone Suit

Based on a semi-obscure entry in Spider-Man’s adventures, the Negative Zone suit represents an outfit built with technology from fellow superhero S.H.O.C. to traverse the Negative Zone, Marvel’s anti-matter universe discovered by Reed Richards.

In the game continuity, it is the Noir Spider-Man who dons this outfit.


Also an obscure choice, Spider-Man built this special armor to go up against the New Enforcers in a mid-90’s story arc.

In the continuity of the game, it is a high-tech Halloween costume worn by the 2099 Spider-Man.

The Cosmic Spider-Man

Having temporarily inherited the cosmic power of Captain Universe, Spider-Man had a brief stint of incredibly powerful abilities, including the power of flight. While only the costume on the far left comes from the comic, Shattered Dimensions has created Cosmic-powered variations of the four main Spider-Men, (from left to right) 2099, Noir and Ultimate.

These four costumes are only available for players who pre-order the game from GameStop.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is available September 7th.