Exclusive: Director Adam McKay on The Boys

CS: With all the action in this movie, I know you’ve been talking to Neil Moritz (producer of the “Fast and Furious” movies and others) about doing “The Boys,” so did you try to put together a reel of the action stuff just to show him you could do it?

McKay: Yeah, it’s with Sony as well, so after seeing this action, they were pretty happy, and I think I convinced them I can do this kind of thing. Granted, it’s in a completely different context here, it’s a comedy, but just seeing some of those scenes and, “Okay, he has a bit of a feel for it.” It never occurred to me when we were doing it. “The Boys” didn’t come up till the very end, but it was a nice coincidence.

CS: I talked to Neil last week at Comic-Con about Garth Ennis and his sense of humor. He does a lot of things in comics you could never get away with in movies and the MPAA, because it may even be hard to get an R-rating for some of it. While this may have been easy to get a PG-13, that one might be hard to get an R with some of the stuff in the comics.

McKay: Yeah, you’re right.

CS: Have you been going through the script and figuring out how exactly that’s going to work and do you think that might be your next project?

McKay: It’s looking like it; hopefully it’ll be my next project. They already have a script for it and it was a pretty faithful adaptation. It’s all in sorta how you shoot it as far as the violence goes and the sex and obviously, it’s gotta be an R and it also gotta have that swing and a groove to it. If it gets too gory, it’s a little bit of a tricky thing, but yeah, I look forward to it. A lot of the decisions are going to be about tone and visuals, and yeah, it is a tricky one though, you’re right, because kinda the whole point of the thing is how rough and real it is.

CS: With movies like “Kick-Ass” and “Wanted,” they were writing the movie before the comics were finished so they went off them quite a bit. Have you figured out what section of the books are going to be covered for the movie and do you expect it to be an all-in-one type deal?

McKay: I think the script they have is the first storyline. It’s the first arc, and it seems to fit pretty nicely in with the illusions to the “X-Men” set-up they have and that seems like the end of the movie. So, yeah, the first storyline contains pretty well whatever it’s going to be, an hour and 50, two hour sort of movie.

CS: Are there any roles you think might be more difficult to cast than others? I know Simon Pegg’s obvious for Hughie, and you’ve mentioned possibly Noomi Rapace from “The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo” for Female. She’s actually a really nice person and speaks really good English by the way.

McKay: She’d be great in it I think, yeah. The other idea we had was Bjork or the girl from “Dragon Tattoo” and obviously Simon Pegg as Hughie, Russell Crowe would be amazing for The Butcher, maybe Daniel Craig. You know, we’re very early stages at this point, so we’re still searching around for ideas.

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