Neal McDonough Confirmed for Captain America

Also of interest are McDonough’s comments about the military unit, The Howling Commandos, and the role they play in the film. According to McDonough, the team may undergo a name change before shooting begins.

"It may change," the actor told MTV, "I’m reading a few things that it might change. But at this point, it still is [the Howling Commandos]."

Fans may recall that early reports had Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige claiming that The Invaders would fight along Captain America in the film, but it was later revealed that Feige was actually referring to The Howling Commandos.

Reasons for a name change are unknown as are the reasons behind it (be they creative or legal). What does seem certain at this point is that the members of The Howling Commandos will be present and that Neal McDonough will be among them.