Geoff Johns Names His Top DC Adaptation Properties

Though they’re merely conversations at this point, DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns shared with Newsarama a few choice picks for what titles he’d personally like to see get adapated.

The writer named characters and titles like "Wonder Woman," the recent Jaime Reyes incarnation of "Blue Beetle," the team "Suicide Squad," the Wildstorm series "Sleeper" and the Vertigo book "100 Bullets" as potential candidates for either film or television versions.

"The real goal for me now is getting DC, Vertigo, Wildstorm and Mad to the big and small screen while staying true to the source material we all love," Johns told Newsarama, "…I’m in constant creative discussions about DC with the other divisions."

While it sounds like none of these properties have, at this point, moved beyond the very earliest stages of conversation, Johns’ sway could mean that this short list will be showing up sooner rather than later.