John Ridley Brings Black Lightning to The Other History of the DC Universe

Black Ligntning will be the first hero to star in John Ridley’s upcoming The Other History of the DC Universe. Comic Book Resources announced details of the upcoming series. Ridley will write the issues for DC Comics new mature readers line, Black Label. The five issue miniseries will debut on Wednesday, January 30, 2019.

Ridley revealed the comic will be mostly prose. That’s good news from the Best Adapted Screenplay Academy Award winner for 12 Years a Slave. Alex Dos Diaz is providing the art for the first issue starring Black Lightning. After that, a rotating group of artists will showcase a different character in each of the five issues. Future characters slated to headline the series include Renee Montoya, Katana, Bumblebee, and Herald.

Each issue will also focus on an iconic moment in the history of the DC Universe. These moments will be retold from the perspective of one of the previously mentioned characters. The series will showcase these stories from the viewpoint of a disenfranchised group. Those familiar with these characters can get excited over the new interpretations this series will bring to classic stories. Superheroes from marginalized or minority backgrounds can bring fresh takes to the DC Universe. From the biggest Crisis to the mugger in a lowest alley.

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Ridley’s previous comic book work includes The American Way from Wildstorm and The American Way: Those Above and Those Below from Vertigo.

Black Label was created by DC Comics to tell more adult stories featuring their timeless heroes. These stories will be self contained and carry a mature label.  DC Comics caused controversy earlier this month in the Black Label comic Batman: Damned. However, an unexpected panel of the Dark Knight undressed causing fans to protest the nudity in a mature title.

What new revelations from DC Comics history are you expecting to read?  Let us know in the comment section below.

John Ridley Brings Black Lightning to The Other History of the DC Universe