The Iron Man 2 IMAX Contest Winners!

SuperHeroHype is very happy to announce the winners of our Iron Man 2 IMAX CD and Poster Giveaway, in which we asked our readers to write short 100-word essays about why they wanted to see Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2 in IMAX!

We got a lot of great entries that were funny or poignant–many of them mentioning how hot Scarlett Johansson would look when put in leather and towering over them like the 50-Foot Woman–and it was definitely difficult picking our favorites, but the five runners-up who will each get an Iron Man 2 IMAX poster and an “AC/DC Iron Man 2 Soundtrack” are:

“Ehsan” from California:

“The reason I will see Iron Man 2 in IMAX is clearly simple: Quality. My assurance in such a simple notion was confirmed after I had seen the first one. The picture and sound quality were amazing in the movie, but I felt the movie could be a masterpiece if combined with the image and sound quality of the IMAX experience. So, I had wished upon a star that this movie be converted into IMAX format so that I can get the true feel of quality dripping right from its screen. Well lo and behold, my wish just came true.”

“Nikos” from Illinois:

“This was it, the big day of Iron Man 2’s grand opening releasing everywhere in theaters. A boy, named Nikos, really couldn’t wait any longer for this moment. Nikos can only imagine himself living in the IMAX movie realm, wearing the actual Mark VI armor and soaring above the clouds defeating a handful of robotic goonies. The metallic voice would pass through the slick helmet, leaving the audio to vibrate the entire theater room. Every explosion can even be felt, rattling the seats of rows in the room where the moviegoers hop around a bit. Battling evil robots with the heavily loaded War Machine delivers a keen sense of style as the combat grows within each minute, where Nikos must try his best using his energy blasts. The colors of the IMAX version would show each and every detail of the suits during the picture, revealing how clear and crisp the sequel deserves. Having intense action scenes with incredible sound and visuals, Nikos sparked a shine in his eyes knowing that May 7th couldn’t come any sooner and rather live in the movie world than this one. “

“Christopher” from Michigan:

“IMAX captures the scale of comic book-fantasy action like no other format! Iron Man 2 will up the ante from the first film with new villains, and new allies like the sexy Black Widow and the hardcore War Machine: Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle together may be the first white and black buddy superhero team-up on film! I want to see lots of mayhem with these armored titans going at it against the bad guys! I will be seeing this movie at least three times, and I will be wearing my Iron Man 2 movie shirt and hat!”

“Armando” (also) from Illinois:

“I’ve always considered myself a philosopher, always pondering the mysteries of the universe. “Why are we here?” What is the meaning of Life? “How awesome would a skin tight leather leotard look like on Scarlett Johansson?” And it seems IMAX plans to answer these questions. Maybe just the last one. There’s a reason it’s called the IMAX experience. But seriously? Being Iron Man looks like fun. And the IMAX’s ginormous screen offers everyone to experience what it’s like without the added annoyance of gimmicky 3D. Plus, the idea of AC/DC playing on the IMAX’s sound system is just plain cherry.”

And “Joe” from Texas with “Why I MUST See Iron Man 2 in IMAX!”

“This June will mark the first time I have really been able to do anything really nice for my wife in the eighteen years since we married. What this means is that I have scrimped and saved all year and am reuniting her with her best friend (who I am flying in) that she hasn’t seen in YEARS. We have two kids now and what better way to celebrate her birthday, celebrate our marriage and celebrate our family being together than in BIG STYLE IMAX!! The kids will go nuts and it will be one to surely remember forever–of course, having some awesome IM2 IMAX posters and music to dress up the pre-party would be pretty damn cool too!”

But the GRAND PRIZE winner in the contest is a reader named “Gnel” from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who came up with this really special missive about Iron Man 2 being his first IMAX experience, so he’ll win the deluxe CD, the poster and an Iron Man action figure!

Here’s Gnel’s essay:

“Doing something the first time is always difficult, but exciting and you remember it all your life. First fight, first love, first . . . first disappointment. Not mentioning the first sound, word, or first steps in your life (this is for parents). It is always in human nature to discover the new emotions, new feelings, new . . . stuff all the time. So why do I want to see it in IMAX?

Because it my FIRST time to do so. Which I will remember all my remaining life.”

Wow, right?

Congrats to Gnel and all the other winners – better luck next time to everyone else! The addresses you supplied to us will be sent to the IMAX Corporation for you to get your prizes.

If you haven’t figured it out from the above,Iron Man 2 will open in IMAX theaters (and those puny non-IMAX screens as well), on Friday, May 7.