Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Teaser Trailer Hits!

Marvel has provided a first look at the trailer for “Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds,” coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 in the spring of 2011. The game pits 30 characters from across the Marvel and Capcom universes against each other. Marvel says:

The diverse roster of characters and locations has not been fully revealed yet, but the initial list of playable fighters includes Wolverine, Hulk and Iron Man from the Marvel side, plus Ryu, Morrigan and Chris Redfield from team Capcom. Producer Ryota Niitsuma and Capcom are working feverishly to get as many characters into the game and plan to have roughly 30 in the game when it smashes onto consoles next year. With 10 years between titles, new characters have come to the fore for both Marvel and Capcom, so expect the roster to include brawlers both classic and brand new to the series.

You can watch the teaser using the player below and you can view character images here.

Source: Marvel