Might Matthew Vaughn Direct a Turf Movie, too?

Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn seems to be the man of the moment when it comes to comic book movies even before his latest action-comedy is released in the United States. Not that it’s too surprising since at one point, Vaughn was going to direct X-Men: The Last Stand and the Thor movie.

Even so, there’s been a lot of talk about what Vaughn may do next now that Kick-Ass is finished, talk that’s ranged from a sequel to another project with Mark Millar to a movie based on the Valiant comic Bloodshot.

You can now add to that list a tidbit that Vaughn may be involved with making a movie based on the Image Comics mini-series Turf by British comic and talk show host Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards, which has already sold out its first issue and gone to a second printing.

In an exclusive interview with Ross over the weekend, London’s The Guardian* mentions that the plan for the book includes a movie directed by Matthew Vaughn, who already has a connection to Ross. As stated in the feature:

"There will be five further issues, a hardback collection and – if all goes to plan – a Turf movie made by Matthew Vaughn, the producer of Ross’s wife’s current hit comic-book film Kick-Ass."

That last bit is key, because Ross is indeed married to Kick-Ass screenwriter and producer Jane Goldman, who reportedly introduced Vaughn to Mark Millar before being involved with adapting his comic to the screen.

You can read more with Ross and Edwards on their new comic over at The Guardian.

*Thanks to those clever guys at The Playlist for spotting this story and bringing it to our attention.

Source: The Guardian