Green Lantern’s Suit Will Be CG!

Director Martin Campbell has been filming Green Lantern down in New Orleans for over a month now, and there was bound to be some leaked information from the set. The latest is from /Film, who have discovered that Ryan Reynolds has spent his time on set wearing a grey motion/performance capture suit, the reason being that the Green Lantern suit in the movie will be created using computers.

Before you get all up in arms, we should remember that the production is in the very early stages, and some of this could be done for digital duplication of the actor, which is done a lot in superhero movies, like in Spider-Man – in fact, some of the FX are being done by Sony Pictures Imageworks who did that CG

although special FX supervisor Clay Pinney’s only superhero work was Ivan Reitman’s My Super Ex-Girlfriend (But he also performed the same function on The Matrix Reloaded–remember all those really lifelike Agent Smith clones?)

But /Film picked up on more than a few clues as to the reason why the suit might be added via CG later which all sound perfectly legit. The following are the three we find the most intriguing:

Ngila (Dickson, costume designer) was tasked with trying to find a way to do something that stands apart from all of the other superheroes spandex suit designs we’ve seen in the past.

The Green Lantern suit is something that should look alien — it needs to seem other worldly. It encompasses any creature that wears the ring, and Hal Jordan is the first human to ever wear the suit. This was a chance for Dickson to do something different. You also have to consider that Hal changes into the suit multiple times in mid scene, and the cg also allows him to do this.

I’ve heard that when the cg is complete, the suit will look like a manifestation of his power.

That last bit is the one that really drives the nail home because Green Lantern’s costume is in fact created by the ring; it’s not something he takes out of the closet and puts on. Clearly Martin Campbell and his team want to make sure that Reynolds isn’t just wearing the same spandex or leather costume we’ve seen in so many superhero movies and using CG to create and/or enhance would go a long way to make Green Lantern look really cool and unique from other comic book characters.

With that in mind, let us know what you think about this latest development.

Source: /Film