Iron Man 2 News Roundup

With Iron Man 2 just three weeks from hitting international theaters and four weeks from coming to North America theaters, we’re going to start some roundup items that will link to many of the interesting features that come online about the anticipated film.

We’ll start with linking again to where you can now read a letter from Tony Stark via the link at the top right. In the letter he announces the return of the Stark Expo to Flushing Meadows on May 7th.

Next up, did you know that Sam Rockwell, who plays Justin Hammer in the sequel, was one of the actors director Jon Favreau was looking at for Tony Stark/Iron Man originally? You can read what Favreau had to say about it at the Los Angeles Times.

Heat Vision is reporting that the Iron Man 2 L.A. premiere will take place at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Tuesday, May 4. The theater is of course owned by Disney, which now owns Marvel. The world premiere is taking place in London on April 26.

Also, if you have access past their pay wall (you may have access depending on your IP address), Variety has an interesting article on the promo tie-ins for the sequel. The article states the the companies participating will spend well over $100 million to market the film, with some efforts running through the end of September. A good place to check out the partners and their promos is at the film’s official website.

If you find more items online about the movie, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Source: SuperHeroHype