Will Dwayne Johnson Take on a Superhero Role?

In a Los Angeles Times interview with Dwayne Johnson, he was asked whether he may ever take on one of the superhero roles he’s been rumored for:

“I would love that,” said Johnson, who might be a good fit as Luke Cage, Namor, the Martian Manhunter or Captain Marvel. “We’ve been active in talking to these different companies and these different studios about making that happen and finding what makes sense. There’s so much there and so much untapped. I’m sure it will happened. We’ve worked to develop good relationships with the studios heads and executives.”

There’s also ongoing chatter about a “Jonny Quest” film with Johnson as Race Bannon, and he lighted up when the venture was mentioned. “Oh, absolutely, we’re talking about that, I love ‘Jonny Quest.'”

Source: Los Angeles Times