Blue Beetle creating a gigantic sword.
Blue Beetle creating a gigantic sword.

Blue Beetle Director Explains How the Movie Could Set Up Booster Gold’s DCU Series

Blue Beetle director Angel Manuel Soto has some ideas on how his film’s post-credits scene could set the stage for the DC Universe‘s Booster Gold series. The filmmaker spoke with Entertainment Weekly regarding Blue Beetle’s post-credits scene and how it could lead to the introduction of a beloved DC hero.

The closing moments of Blue Beetle suggest that Ted Kord, the original person to don the mantle, is still alive but in serious danger. “We had it written down [in the script]. We knew that was what we wanted our story to have,” Soto explained of the revelation. “We all love Ted Kord and Booster Gold, and knowing that [DC Studios co-CEO] James Gunn also has plans for Booster Gold, it felt like the right thing for us to continue with.”

Booster and Beetle

DC Studios has confirmed that a Booster Gold series is part of the DCU’s first phase, although details on the show are still scarce. In the comic books, Ted Kord and Booster have a fast friendship and have often teamed up for hijinks, misadventures, and world-saving quests. “Ted Kord is still alive, he’s somewhere out there in the universe, and whatever the future holds for our hero is open to interpretation,” Soto continued. “So, whether that is Booster Gold or Ted Kord or if it is both of them [together], the possibility exists and it is something that we want to entertain.”

Whether Kord appears in the upcoming series or Booster shows up in a Blue Beetle sequel remains pure speculation at this point. The film’s creative team and lead actor Xolo Maridueña have stated that they’d love to continue building on Jaime Reyes’ story and remain a key part of the DCU, but Gunn has yet to make an official announcement regarding a follow-up project.

Blue Beetle is now in theaters.