Blue Beetle surrounded by the cast of the movie.
Blue Beetle surrounded by the cast of the movie.

Blue Beetle Director Explains Why Jaime Doesn’t Deserve to Save the World Yet

Blue Beetle Director Angel Manuel Soto explains why Xolo Maridueña‘s DC Universe hero can’t save the world: He hasn’t earned it.

In an interview with Den of Geek, the filmmaker discussed how his movie approaches Jaime Reyes’ journey as a hero, noting that both he and writer Gareth Dunnet Alcocer agreed that the stakes needed to be much lower than a cataclysmic event. “He’s not going to save the world yet; he doesn’t deserve to yet,” Soto said. “We wanted to find a way to really explore his growth, how it relates to how his family and community see him in this role, as well as how his relationship with Khaji grows as well.” 

Soto has spoken at length about what he wants to achieve with Blue Beetle, explaining that his goal was to create an authentic Latin American superhero that people can relate to easily. “I didn’t want it to be another story where 15 minutes in, something happens, and 50 minutes later, he’s dominating the experience, and by the end, he’s saving the world,” Soto said. The director elaborates that Jaime’s family and their bond needed to be the core of the movie and he hopes audiences will be able to identify with their struggles.

Who Is Blue Beetle?

Blue Beetle follows Jaime Reyes, an unassuming young adult who comes into contact with a strange alien device known only as The Scarab. The artifact ultimately forms a symbiotic relationship with the young hero, fusing with his body and granting him a high-tech suit that’s able to shapeshift into different weapons. While he may not have asked for these abilities, Jaime and his family are thrown into a battle with an evil corporation that wants to harness the powers of The Scarab for their own nefarious goals.

Blue Beetle flies into theaters on August 18.