Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 Costume Revealed

Newly leaked set pics reveal the first look of Ryan Reynolds in Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3.

Per The Daily Mail, candid pics from the London set show Reynolds back in the Merc with the Mouth’s signature red and black costume. The pics show Reynolds without the Deadpool mask in the middle of a wrecked minivan in the woods. Additionally, Reynolds’ stunt double was seen wearing the mask “minus the eyes.” There was no sign of Hugh Jackman on set, however.

Details on the plot are unknown beyond the fact that Deadpool 3 will be a “48 HRS.-style buddy movie.” Reynolds teased that Jackman’s Wolverine will be completely different from the one established in the Fox X-Men franchise. “We’ve wanted to do this for decades… it’s weirdly the perfect time,” said Reynolds. “I was just pestering him like a gnat over the last many years. I believe in timing, as much as hard work and luck and all those intersections that are supposed to meet. Timing’s the big one. I think he was ready. I think he was excited.”

In addition to Reynolds and Jackman, the movie is rumored to involve the Time Variance Authority (TVA), previously established in the 2021 series Loki on Disney+. Reports suggest potential characters from Fox-produced Marvel movies may appear in Deadpool 3 including X-Men stars Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, and James Marsden. Additionally, Channing Tatum is rumored to appear as Gambit. The actor’s planned stand-alone movie at Fox was halted following the Disney-Fox merger in 2019.

Directed by Shawn Levy (Stranger Things) and written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Zeb Wells, Deadpool 3 is the latest installment in the foul-mouth mutant’s trilogy and the first to be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film marks the long-awaited pairing of Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool with Hugh Jackman making his return as Wolverine since his last appearance in 2017’s Logan. Deadpool franchise regulars Karan Soni, Leslie Uggams, Morena Baccarin, Stefan Kapicic, Rob Delaney, Brianna Hildebrand, and Shioli Kutsuna are set to reprise their roles. Newcomer to the franchise Matthew Macfadyen is reportedly set to play a TVA agent named Paradox.

Deadpool 3 is currently slated to open in theaters on May 3, 2024.