Justice League 2 Would Have Included ‘Apokoliptian Betrayals’

After this year’s SnyderCon screening of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, writer Chris Terrio revealed some details about a storyline that Justice League 2 would have featured.

Would Justice League 2 have explained Darkseid losing the anti-life equation?

Terrio mentioned that he had seen “chatter” about how Darkseid — the ruler of Apokolips — seemingly casually lost the anti-life equation in the DC Extended Universe. The writer explained that Justice League 2 would have featured ‘Apokoliptian betrayals’ that would have explained how the villain lost the equation.

“I’ve read chatter about the anti-life equation and … how did Darkseid lose it as though it were his keys, but we would have taken that up in the second episode,” Terrio said. “You would have understood some Apokoliptian betrayals and palace intrigue that would have explained how that all happened. So, if ever a miracle happens and more of this story is made, you’ll understand more of that, because there was a plan there.”

Zack Snyder’s Justice League released in 2021 and served as a director’s cut of the 2017 Justice League movie since Joss Whedon replaced Snyder as director during the original’s post-production. The epilogue of the 2021 film showed Batman and his unlikely allies in the “Knightmare” future that was teased since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — a potential future in which Superman became a totalitarian ruler.