Jonathan Majors’ Accuser Gets a Full Temporary Restraining Order

The controversy surrounding Jonathan Majors has taken another unflattering turn. Variety is reporting that the actor’s alleged victim, who claimed that Majors assaulted her in New York on March 25, has been granted a temporary order of protection by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Under the order’s terms, neither Majors nor his accuser can have any direct or third-party contact with each other until next month’s court date.

In a statement, the D.A.’s press secretary said “Today a judge granted a Full Temporary Order of Protection for the victim, per the People’s request.” The order was also handed down with the consent of defense counsel Doug Cohen. Additionally, the D.A.’s office related that a limited temporary order of protection was issued after Majors was arraigned on charges of assault and harassment last month.

Majors was arrested in March after New York police responded to a 911 call involving a domestic dispute. He was subsequently released without bail that same day. Since then, Majors’ lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, and her husband, crisis publicist Andrew Bourke, have released evidence which they claim exonerates the actor. These include a series of text messages reportedly sent by his accuser that downplay the incident. Last weekend, TMZ also published surveillance images that appear to show the woman in a club after the alleged assault took place.

Via The Daily Beast, Chaudhry released yet another statement proclaiming Majors’ innocence. She insisted that her office has been “transparent and cooperative with the District Attorney” as they continue to submit additional evidence and witness statements. She also stressed that a temporary order of protection is “standard in cases such as this and we consented because Mr. Majors wants nothing to do with the woman who assaulted him.”

But more surprisingly, Chaudhry shared that her team also submitted a “forensic medical opinion from a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Doctor and Trauma Specialist,” which she says bolsters Majors’ defense.

“[The specialist] has examined the photos and videos of the woman and concludes, without hesitation, that the woman did not have any injuries at the nightclub and the injuries she later sustained did not come from Mr. Majors (and could not have come from the way the woman described),” said Chaudhry. “In fact, the forensic medical expert’s opinion shows that the woman is lying. It is disturbing that even when presented with this incontrovertible evidence, the District Attorney continues this false case.”

Majors is scheduled to appear in court on May 9. You can share on thoughts on this latest news in the comment section below.