Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Drops New Character Posters

Aside from Transformers staples like Optimus and Bumblebee coming back for Rise of the Beasts this summer, the next installment will also introduce a handful of new Autobots joining the fight against Scourge and his army of Terrorcons. And while the movie is still over a month away, the welcome wagon is already in full effect. Paramount has released a new wave of character posters for the upcoming film, spotlighting a fan-favorite hero along with two lesser-known robots in disguise. The studio also confirmed that the sequel’s next trailer will premiere this Thursday, April 27.

Last month, Paramount released a different set of posters featuring Optimus Prime, Mirage, and Maximal leader Optimus Primal. However, the latest batch keeps the focus on the Autobots. Leading the pack this time is Bumblebee, who most recently starred in his own eponymous Transformers spinoff in 2018. But whereas that film took place in 1987, Rise of the Beasts moves the timetable up to 1994 and teams him alongside a new group of human protagonists. Bumblebee’s vehicular form, a ‘70s Chevy Camaro, is also getting an upgrade thanks to some new all-terrain enhancements.

Next up is Arcee, who briefly showed up in Bumblebee’s opening scene on Cybertron, where she was voiced by Grey DeLisle. Liza Koshy will take over as Arcee’s voice in Rise of the Beasts, which will show the character transforming into a Ducati motorcycle.

Rounding out the trio is Wheeljack (voiced by Cristo Fernández), an old-school favorite and a key member of the Autobots’ ranks since the original Transformers cartoon debuted in 1984. Just like his animated counterpart, Wheeljack debuts in Rise of the Beasts as a scientist and gearhead who’s always inventing new gadgets to advance the Autobot cause. He also transforms into a Volkswagon Type 2 panel bus.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will hit theaters on June 9.

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