Tom Holland Looks Back At His Spider-Man: No Way Home Experience

Next week, Titan Books will release Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home The Official Movie Special Book, the behind-the-scenes chronicle of one of the biggest comic book movies of all-time. And via, a new excerpt from the book features Tom Holland looking back on his Spider-Man: No Way Home experience. That includes Holland’s account of the first time he learned that Marvel wanted his Spider-Men predecessors, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, to return.

“I didn’t believe it at first,” said Holland. “[Director] Jon [Watts] pitched me the idea and I thought, ‘That’ll never happen. There’s no way they’ll be able to figure that out. They won’t agree to do that, it’s just not going to happen.’ And here we are! Then we had an amazing [first] day, where we all had our suits on and we all sort of swapped stories about how you put them on, how you take them off, where the zippers are and all that sort of stuff. It was kinda crazy.”

“Those guys are powerhouses,” added Holland. “It was amazing for me to be there with them, because I remember going to the cinema to see [Tobey Maguire’s] first film and the second and third one. And I remember I watched [Andrew Garfield’s] first film when I was in Wales shooting a film… I remember saying in an interview years ago that my dream role would be to play Spider-Man. And to be there with those two was mind-blowing. To get to know them both and to sort of bring back this perfect full circle story… I was just honored to be a part of it really.”

Additionally, Holland revealed that he has seen Garfield’s first Amazing Spider-Man movie multiple times in theaters.

“I must’ve seen that film like five times,” recalled Holland. “For me, it was just that quirky ad-libbing that he did, which is so fun. I could talk for ages about it. There’s aspects of [Maguire’s Peter and Garfield’s Peter] in my character, but for us it was just about making him as young and as relatable and as sweet and innocent as possible. Because what happens to him is so horrible, it means that he’s able to deal with it on a much more personal level. I guess the idea for us was to just make him as relatable as possible so he is every person’s Super Hero rather than one type of Super Hero.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home The Official Movie Special Book will hit book stores on Wednesday, February 28.

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