George R.R. Martin’s Hunter’s Run is Getting a Film Adaptation

It’s no secret that George R.R. Martin has kept himself busy in between A Song of Ice and Fire books by exploring other sci-fi and fantasy worlds. Now, one of these stories is getting a film adaptation courtesy of Exile Content Studio. Variety reports that the studio has landed the screen rights to Hunter’s Run, the 2007 sci-fi novel that Martin co-authored with Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abraham.

The book centers on Ramón Espejo, an impoverished day laborer. Ramón previously left Earth to earn a better living on a faraway planet called Sāo Paulo. Unfortunately, his new life isn’t much better than his old one. When a drunken skirmish results in the death of an interplanetary diplomat, Ramón is forced to go into hiding. His trek through the wilderness soon leads him to discover an advanced alien race whose members are refugees just like him, forcing him to confront his personal demons in new ways while still trying to evade the deadly extraterrestrials hunting him down.

Among other reasons, Hunter’s Run stands out for being the only one of Martin’s stories to feature a Latino lead. This made it appealing to Exile Content, which has already handled a wide variety of Spanish- and English-language productions. Martin will executive produce the film adaptation with Vince Gerardis, his collaborator on both Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon.

“I’m so pleased that after almost 16 years, Hunter’s Run will be made into a film,” said Martin. “I’m bursting with excitement for the rich sci-fi universe I helped create with my dear friends Daniel and Gardner to exist beyond the pages of our book.”

Mark Raso, director of the 2017 Netflix film Kodachrome, has already been hired by Exile to helm Hunter’s Run. Raso will also executive produce the movie and pen the screenplay alongside his brother, Joseph. In 2021, the siblings teamed up on the script for Raso’s latest film, Awake, which also premiered on Netflix. 

“I first met George when he showed my film Copenhagen at his Jean-Cocteau cinema in Santa Fe,” added Raso. “And among other things we discussed a novel he had written that had great potential as a film. I’m thrilled that from that small conversation we are at a point where we are realizing a both visually and narratively innovative sci-fi adventure.”

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