Black Adam Will Premiere on HBO Max In One Week

The hierarchy of power on HBO Max is about to change. Although Black Adam is still playing in a few theaters across the country, Warner Bros. began rolling out its home media release last month by making the film available to rent or own on participating digital platforms. The movie doesn’t hit Blu-ray until the first week of January. However, WB just announced that Black Adam will make its streaming debut next Friday, December 16, which should make for a decent night in if your Avatar: The Way of Water screening is sold out.

Black Adam’s arrival on HBO Max comes less than two full months after the film hit theaters on October 21. Dwayne Johnson’s starring turn as the titular anti-hero has been in the works for at least eight years. Unfortunately, fans didn’t exactly turn out in droves to see the character make his live-action debut.

The film got off to a strong start with $67 million, giving Johnson the best opening of his acting career. But during its second weekend, these numbers fell by 59% and continued to steadily decline in the weeks that followed. So far, the film has grossed $384.9 million, leading many to dismiss the movie as a box office disappointment.

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Debate is currently raging over whether Black Adam will actually turn a profit by the time its theatrical run comes to a proper close. Some sources estimate that the film could cause Warner Bros. Discovery to suffer a loss of about $100 million. However, Johnson himself refutes these claims, insisting that a sequel (along with a possible Hawkman spinoff) isn’t out of the question yet. But for now, his place in the larger DC Universe under the leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran remains uncertain.

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