Conflicting Reports Emerge About Black Adam’s Future

To date, Black Adam has taken in approximately $165.3 million in North America and $384.8 million worldwide. For an ordinary movie, those numbers would mean it was hit. However, when taking Black Adam‘s $190 million-195 million budget into account, along with an approximately $80 million-100 million promotional campaign, then it suggests that the film won’t break even. A recent report in Variety even suggested that the film will lose $50 million to $100 million. Regardless, a report by Deadline contends that not only will Black Adam be profitable, it suggests that a sequel and a Hawkman spinoff are in development.

Johnson was quick to respond to Deadline’s report by celebrating the film’s success.

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It’s not unusual for different factions within a studio to leak stories to the press in order to further their own agenda. But here’s where things get murky. The Hollywood Reporter contends that not only is Black Adam unlikely to get a sequel, it may have cost even more than previously believed. THR’s sources indicate that it may have had a $230 million budget prior to marketing costs, and it “will be lucky to break even, even considering ancillary revenue.”

Additionally, THR’s report said that Johnson’s “playing up of a returning Cavill and his own involvement with DC may not be endearing him to the new management.” James Gunn and Peter Safran, the new heads of DC Studios, are even rumored to be considering a clean break from the Snyderverse DCEU. If so, that would likely rule out any future for Black Adam.

For now, all we can do is wait and see what develops when Gunn and Safran pitch their DC plans to Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zazlav later this month. But it may be longer before any formal announcement is made.

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