James Cameron Talks Crossover Possibilities of Avatar With The Abyss

James Cameron loves underwater exploration and science fiction. Jurassic World Dominion director Colin Trevorrow clearly likes bringing popular casts together. So when the dino-director got a chance to pose a question to Avatar’s director in the pages of Empire, it unsurprisingly dealt with both topics. Like so many kids speculating who would win between their favorite characters and franchises, Trevorrow wanted to know about the crossover possibilities of Avatar with The Abyss. Do Cameron’s original ocean-inhabiting aliens exist in the same universe as the Na’vi?

“Just the universe of my brain,” replied Cameron, no doubt disappointing anyone hoping for comic book crossover adventures. “In Avatar, WE are the invaders from space, and the common theme with The Abyss is that we are judged harshly by a more evolved alien culture, in that case the Na’vi, who live in a harmony with nature in a way that we have forgotten.”

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Timeline-wise, The Abyss and Avatar don’t correlate very well. If humanity had already encountered eco-savvy aliens in the 20th century, they might have better dealt with the Na’vi in their future. Then again, a human race more dedicated to living in harmony with nature might not discover the heavily fuel-consuming sort of deep-space travel to get to Pandora in the first place.

Would you like to see the two properties cross over? Let us know in comments.

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