James Gunn and Peter Safran Tease the Next 10 Years of DC Projects

James Gunn and Peter Safran are officially the new co-CEOs of DC Studios. With Gunn focusing on the creative and Safran prioritizing the business, the duo will work together to become DC’s version of Kevin Feige. Additionally, Gunn will need to determine the content that will appear across all platforms in the coming years. While speaking at a virtual town hall (via The Hollywood Reporter), Gunn shared his ideas for the future of DC Studios.

“The opportunity to make DC as great as it can be and as it should be — that is the reason why I’m doing this job, because I know that Peter and I can do that,” said Gunn. “We spent the past couple days with a group of some of the best thinkers in the industry, the best writers in the industry starting to map out that eight to 10 year plan of what it’s going to look like in theater, in TV, in animation, across the board for these characters.”

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One of the biggest complaints about DC revolves around its lack of cohesion. Furthermore, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zazlav has repeatedly said he wants DC to be more like Marvel with an interconnected universe. As they begin their tenure at DC, Gunn and Safran will set out to execute Zazlav’s vision.

“This was such a unique opportunity to tell one great overarching story”, said Safran. “One beautiful big story across film, television gaming, live-action, and animation.”

Do you think Gunn and Safran can develop a cohesive storyline that culminates in a film like Avengers: Endgame? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Photo Credits: Kevin Winter/Getty Images and Dave J Hogan/Getty Images for Warner Bros

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