Black Adam’s Aldis Hodge Shares His Reaction To the Film’s Big Cameo

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Black Adam’s mid-credits scene!

Aldis Hodge’s career was already on the rise before Black Adam came along. But his role as Carter Hall/Hawkman in the latest DCEU entry is opening up all-new doors for the actor. And because his performance has been largely hailed as one of the best parts of the movie, this begs the question of whether he’ll have an expanded presence in the franchise down the road. With Henry Cavill back in the saddle as Superman, Carter seems like a logical choice to join the Man of Steel in a revamped Justice League lineup. Unfortunately, it’s still too early to speculate if Cavill and Hodge will eventually share the screen together. In fact, Hodge didn’t even learn about Cavill’s surprise appearance in the film until the last possible second.

Hodge briefly discussed Cavill’s much-talked-about cameo in Black Adam’s mid-credits scene while speaking with The Hollywood Reporter. Previously, the filmmakers confirmed that Cavill shot his scene in September, just one month shy of Black Adam’s theatrical debut. But Hodge says he was kept in the dark until “maybe a day or two” before the red carpet premiere on October 12. And even during filming, he heard no whispers of Dwayne Johnson’s intentions to put Superman in the movie.

“There was no talk of bringing back Superman and any of that,” said Hodge. “They’ve got to keep those things in a super vault, so all you can do is focus on trying to make Black Adam the best it can be. So you do hear things and you get ideas, but nothing is ever confirmed or really fully said. And honestly, I dig that because it was a huge surprise for me, and I love it that we got to experience it together with the audience. The fans have been trying to get Henry Cavill back in the red and blue for a minute, and D.J. was the perfect person to bring him back. It just doesn’t get any better.”

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Cavill wasn’t the only Black Adam cameo that threw Hodge for a loop. He was also surprised to see that Viola Davis was coming back as Amanda Waller. In 2000, a then-teenage Hodge guest-starred in two episodes of CBS’ City of Angels, a short-lived medical drama that also featured Davis as a main cast member. So he was happy to get the chance to work with her again, even if they weren’t acting face-to-face.

“Originally, there was an idea for her to jump in,” recalled Hodge. “But then I think there was a scheduling conflict. So when we first shot the movie, she wasn’t in it at all; we all had completely different scenes. But when we did reshoots, I saw her name on the script, and I said, ‘Oh s**t!’ (Laughs.) So I kept that secret for the better part of this year, and it was pretty awesome.”

Black Adam is now playing in theaters everywhere.

Would you like to see Hodge’s Hawkman and Cavill’s Superman team up in a new DC movie? Let us know in the comment section below!

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