Deadpool’s T.J. Miller Makes Peace With Ryan Reynolds

Last week, T.J. Miller made waves when he revealed that he and Ryan Reynolds didn’t get along on the set of 20th Century Fox’s two Deadpool movies. During a radio show appearance, Miller claimed that Reynolds once belittled him in front of the cast and crew. This led Miller to vow never to work with Reynolds again, which presumably ruled out the return of his character, Weasel, in Marvel’s upcoming Deadpool 3. However, it didn’t take long for them to reconcile. During an appearance on SiriusXM’s Jim Norton & Sam Roberts Show, Miller shared that Reynolds reached out to him after his earlier comments began to circulate. Now, it sounds like their beef has been squashed.

“It was really cool, he emailed me the next day,” said Miller. “It was a misunderstanding, so I emailed him back and now it’s, like, fine.”

Miller confessed that he wasn’t expecting the media to latch onto the more negative aspects of his remarks, claiming he only told the story of his interaction with Reynolds because it was “weird and funny” to him. Regardless, he blamed news outlets for publishing “clickbait”-style articles about what he said.

“That’s a big problem I have in general,” continued Miller. “Not thinking about what the repercussions of saying this or that would be. […] I didn’t think that I had said anything that was that negative. I feel bad that it was picked up and it was misconstrued for sure. But no, the next day, he and I talked and it’s fine.”

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None of this changes the fact that Miller has long been a lightning rod for controversy. Since 2017, he has faced a host of unflattering allegations ranging from workplace harassment to sexual assault. Miller was also arrested for allegedly calling in a fake bomb threat while riding an Amtrak train in 2018. However, he avoided criminal charges thanks to his past brain surgery, which evidently still causes him to experience cognitive issues.

This doesn’t mean that Weasel’s Deadpool 3 return is back on the table either. Although he continues to perform stand-up comedy, Miller’s acting career seems to have taken a hit in the wake of his many scandals. In 2019, Miller was set to reprise his role as Tuffnut from the first two How to Train Your Dragon films, and he had already recorded his dialogue for the third installment, The Hidden World.  But once the allegations broke, DreamWorks Animation hired Justin Rupple to overdub his lines. So while he and Reynolds might be on better terms, it’s hard to imagine Miller getting an invite to join him in the MCU. Especially with Disney calling the shots.

Deadpool 3 will hit theaters on November 8, 2024.

Do you think Miller should be allowed to return for Marvel’s Deadpool sequel? Let us know in the comment section below!

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