Batgirl’s Cancellation May Have Kept Dan Lin From Taking Over DC Films

Back in August, Warner Bros. Discovery began talks with producer Dan Lin to take over as the new head of DC Films and finally bring a sense of unity to the studio’s movie and TV universes. Unfortunately, negotiations broke down less than two weeks later, taking WBD’s search back to the drawing board. At the time, it was reported that Lin backed out to remain with his own production company. But it sounds like other factors many have played a role in Lin’s decision as well.

A new report from The Wrap claims that WBD’s shocking decision to cancel HBO Max’s Batgirl movie over the summer also soured Lin on becoming DC’s new film and TV chief. Sources say that he was “particularly concerned” over the studio taking such a cavalier attitude toward scrapping what was basically a finished film and then casually writing it off on their taxes. Before the studio’s new regime took over, Warner Bros. allegedly spent $90 million on Batgirl’s production. However, the write-off was said to be only worth $20 million.

In the meantime, WBD executives continue to downplay the impact of Batgirl’s cancellation. As recently as last month, CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels said the news was “blown out of proportion” when it was announced. Wiedenfels also promised that the studio will be spending more money than ever on future DC content. But until the studio installs a new president, it’s hard to predict any changes in the studio’s big- or small-screen fortunes.

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CEO David Zaslav has made finding DC’s answer to Kevin Feige one of his top goals ever since the Warner Bros. Discovery merger was finalized earlier this year. Regardless, Zaslav is already facing some pushback from within the industry. The Wrap’s sources also indicate that Zaslav’s preference for “unwanted” 7am phone calls, along with his aggressively “hands-on management style,” is warding off many potential candidates for the DC job. Others say that whoever fills the position won’t have the same amount of creative autonomy that Disney gives Feige over at Marvel Studios, which also makes the task less appealing.

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