Composer Lorne Balfe Releases Theme Music From Black Adam

In his wrestling days, Dwayne Johnson spent years walking out to the ring with his own theme song blasting out of the PA system. But now that he’s playing the namesake anti-hero in DC’s Black Adam movie, he needs to update his entrance music. That’s why Warner Bros. and New Line enlisted composer Lorne Balfe to craft some rousing new suites to accompany Johnson’s first go-round as the film’s superpowered headliner. Ahead of its release next month, WaterTower Music has just premiered the first single from Balfe’s Black Adam score. Fittingly enough, the track serves as the title character’s official theme.

Balfe’s piece features the usual empowering touch that graces your average superhero score. However, Black Adam is not your average superhero, which seems to have allowed the composer to play around and add more haunting elements normally reserved for villain themes. In the end, the track exudes a suitably dark atmosphere to complement Black Adam’s moral grayness, reflecting his violent tendencies with booming horns and sharp bursts of percussion.

You can listen to the Black Adam theme in the player below.

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Luckily, Balfe already has some experience composing for superheroes. He wrote the score for Marvel’s Black Widow last year and previously lent his talents to The Lego Batman Movie in 2017. In collaboration with Hans Zimmer, he also wrote additional music for The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Unfortunately, WaterTower hasn’t shared the full tracklist for Balfe’s Black Adam score. But presumably, we can expect individual themes for some of the film’s other characters, including members of the Justice Society and Sarah Shahi’s Adrianna Tomaz/Isis.

Black Adam will hit theaters on October 21.

What do you think of Balfe’s first offering from the movie’s soundtrack? Give us your impressions in the comment section below!

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