Michael Keaton Defends Batgirl, Isn’t Certain of His Future As Batman

One of the most intriguing aspects of HBO Max’s Batgirl movie was that it was slated to feature Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman in a mentor role for Leslie Grace’s Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. The explanation for the return of Keaton’s Batman is presumably in The Flash, but it may not matter anymore since Warner Bros. Discovery cancelled the $90 million dollar Batgirl movie in order to get a $20 million dollar tax write off. After winning his first Emmy Award for Dopesick, Keaton took the time to defend Batgirl from accusations that the film was cancelled over quality issues.

Via Deadline, when asked about Batgirl’s fate, Keaton replied “I think it was a business decision. It was a film, it was a good one.”

Keaton was subsequently asked when he would return as Batman on the big screen, and he admitted that he is unsure.

“I don’t know,” said Keaton. “I really have no idea.”

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Keaton’s confusion is understandable considering that he shot a cameo appearance for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which was originally supposed to come out after The Flash. More recently, Ben Affleck filmed his own cameo for the Aquaman sequel. Presumably Affleck shot his scene because The Lost Kingdom had been moved ahead of The Flash. But now that The Lost Kingdom has been pushed back to December 25, 2023, it’s once again set after The Flash.

The Flash will hit theaters on June 23, 2023. That will also be Keaton’s next appearance as Batman, barring any additional changes.

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