Spider-Man: No Way Home Returns to Top the Box Office Again

It was buoyed by a national $3 ticket promotion, a handful of new scenes and a different end-credits moment. Spider-Man: No Way Home beat out a relative lack of competition at the Labor Day weekend box office, with a three-day estimate of $6 million. Though the movie’s been out on Blu-ray for months, fans genuinely love it so much that they lapped up the chance to see any new stuff in it. The Spider-Man sequel remains the third all-time domestic grosser, sixth all-time international grosser, and the most successful superhero movie that isn’t an Avengers group effort. But like the original Avengers, it serves as the climax to three separate hero storylines. For Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield, its arguably a fitting closing chapter for both, and an even better conclusion for Tobey Maguire’s web-slinger than Spider-Man 3.

Spider-Man beat out Top Gun: Maverick, currently available as a digital purchase but not available on Blu-ray until November. In other superhero news, DC League of Super-Pets scored an estimated $5.4 million, bringing its domestic total to $81 million.

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With a relative dearth of big movies scheduled for theaters in September, it looks like a month for rereleases to shine. Avatar returns in three weeks, allowing audiences to experience it in theatrical 3D for the first time since it added 11 bonus minutes in 2010 to pad out the length of its first run.

Will you or did you go to see Spider-Man again? How was the new footage? Let us know in comments.

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