SPOILER: Dwayne Johnson Posts Super-Pets Post-Credits Scene Online

Warning: This post contains the DC League of Super-Pets post-credits scene, though it does not otherwise spoil the main plot of the movie.

Dwayne Johnson generally likes to preserve the surprises in his movie. Except, perhaps, when they promote his next one. And especially if said next one is the one he hasn’t shut up about for the last 15 years. Yes, in case you didn’t guess it yet, the DC League of Super-Pets post-credits scene features Black Adam. Since casual DC fans may not be familiar with the character, it’s part of a larger strategy (see also McFarlane Toys) of integrating him into more general DC products before the release of his movie.

Since Johnson also stars as Superman’s dog Krypto in DC League of Super-Pets, the scene allows him to play not just double, but triple duty. In it, he voices Black Adam and Black Adam’s dog Anubis, as well as Krypto. It’s the most range he’s shown in quite a while. And it seemingly establishes what sort of character Black Adam will be in his own movie.

Take a look below:


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Black Adam opens Oct 21 in theaters, so there’s time for a lot more promotion until then.

What did you think of the scene? If you haven’t seen the movie, did it make you more inclined? Let us know in comments.

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