Jaime Reyes Holds Scarab in Blue Beetle Trailer (Photo Credit Warner Bros.)
(Photo Credit Warner Bros.)

Number of Blue Beetle Post-Credits Scenes Revealed

The number of post-credit scenes in the upcoming DC Studios movie Blue Beetle has been confirmed. This follows the film’s first screening in Austin, Texas.

What Is Known About Blue Beetle’s Post-Credits Scenes

Max Blizz reported on the Blue Beetle premiere, held at a block party attended by director Angel Manuel Soto. They confirmed that the theatrical release has two post-credits scenes. However, they did not discuss the exact details of the scenes beyond them hinting at “something bigger.”

Precisely what that means is unclear but notable, given the unique position Blue Beetle holds. DC Studios’ co-CEO James Gunn described Jaime Reyes as “the first DCU character,” despite Gunn’s upcoming Superman: Legacy being the first DCU movie.

With Blue Beetle having originally been developed for the DCEU, speculation is running wild regarding just how much the film may have been altered to accommodate the new DC Universe. It has been confirmed that the movie received two days of reshoots in early 2023, following James Gunn and Peter Safran taking control of DC Studios. However, there is no indication that the reshoots were ordered to create the post-credits scenes.

The dominant rumor is that one of the post-credit scenes will introduce Booster Gold. The time-traveling “greatest hero you’ve never heard of” has a long association with Blue Beetle. Booster Gold will also be getting a Max television series as part of the DCU’s Chapter One: Gods and Monsters. However, there is no indication that Gunn has cast the DCU Booster Gold, much less that he is making his premiere in Blue Beetle.

Another rumor is that the post-credits scenes will introduce the acerbic Green Lantern Guy Gardner. Guy was one of the first superheroes to meet Jaime Reyes after he bonded with the scarab. He also helped mentor the younger hero in the comics. However, while Nathan Fillion has been cast in the role, there’s no indication he had filmed a cameo.