The Batman’s John Turturro Talks Carmine Falcone’s Responsibility


WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for The Batman

Since his introduction in the comics in Batman: Year One, Carmine Falcone (along with his archrival, Boss Maroni) has become integral to any story of Bruce Wayne’s Batman origin story. Previously played by Tom Wilkinson in Batman Begins, he gets a more significant role in The Batman, as played by John Turturro. Among other things, his past with Thomas Wayne comes directly from The Long Halloween storyline in comics. But Falcone’s responsibility — or lack thereof — in the deaths of Bruce’s parents becomes a key plot point too.

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While this incarnation of Batman feels like the first version in forever where we haven’t seen Thomas and Martha get shot, the impact still matters. And key to us not seeing it are two competing interpretations of the crime. In one narrative Bruce hears, Maroni bears culpability. In another, arguably more convincing version, Falcone does. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Turturro offered his interpretation:

“I think there are people who tell you I didn’t do something even if they did do it. And then after time, they believe the alternative version that they created,” Turturro says. “He is a dangerous guy, and I think not seeing was kind of great.” To him, what the viewer thinks is more important than what Falcone does or doesn’t believe, in the end. But it sounds like he was playing it guilty in denial.

Turturro also explains that the character’s sunglasses were his idea. “I thought, ‘I need a mask,'” he says. “Because a lot of those guys did wear dark glasses when they testified.”

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