Two New The Batman Posters Get up Close and Personal

As March rapidly approaches, so does the hype for Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Just a month and a half away now, the latest foray into Gotham City will test to see if audiences really are ready to come back to theaters for a non-Marvel hero. One thing we’ve learned: never bet against Batman. Expect to see more merchandise and promotion roll out big-time in the next few weeks. But for now, two new posters get pretty eye-catching. One very literally so, in fact:

The truth could be that Batman needs a shave. But that doesn’t take an unmasking to see. Plus the stubble helps distinguish him from an older Robert Pattinson creature-of-the-night franchise role that Bat-fans might rather forget.

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The other new poster amplifies a key scene from the most recent trailer, focusing on the Bat/Cat dynamic.

Bruce, please give her a proper cowl by movie’s end. The costume’s so perfect otherwise.

Warner Bros. appears to be focusing more on DC branding with these, too, as both feature the DC Comics logo inside The Batman logo. Interesting choice for this movie, since it’s specifically out of continuity with other DC movies. But it will have at least two planned tie-in shows on HBO Max, one focused on the GCPD and the other on the Penguin.

How do you like these new posters? Let us know in comments.

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