Official Images for Spin Master’s The Batman Toy Line Unveiled

McFarlane Toys‘ 7-inch figures may take a lot of the collector spotlight when it comes to The Batman. But for those who prefer their figures in a smaller scale with vehicles, compatible with Star Wars, G.I. Joe, and other 4-inch characters, Spin Master has it covered. The company has been doing comic-based Batman figures in that scale for a while now, as well as 12-inch figures with both basic articulation and action gimmicks. Now Spin Master’s The Batman line takes on their first Bat-movie, and shows their stuff with a more “real world” aesthetic.

In the 4-inch scale, Spin Master offers up Batman, Selina Kyle, and Penguin. These will be some of the best toy bargains around at $8.99 each, with accessories and evidence cards like the old Transformers Tech Specs that reveal details under a red lens. Selina/Selena and Bruce also get upsized to 12-inches with bargain figures similar to Hasbro’s Titan Heroes, at $10.49 each. For $23.99, grab the deluxe 12-inch Wingsuit Batman, with pop-out wings, light-up Bat symbol and sound effects.

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Fans of RC cars can control the $48.99 Turbo Boost Batmobile, with button-push wheelie action. For those who prefer figure compatibility, a 4-inch scaled Batmobile features lights and sounds, and comes with its own Batman. That one’s $36.99.

Check out the gallery below for more images, and check nearby stores starting next month to find them on shelves.

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