Bruce and Selina Are Good Frenemies in The Batman’s Full Trailer

A full new trailer for The Batman just dropped, and it shows us a whole lot more than before. This Gotham City looks as sprawling as the one on the Fox TV series, as sepia-toned as Batman Begins, and still possessing the requisite gargoyles and neon signs. And because this is a comic book movie, explosions. But it’s Bruce and Selina who take center stage. As Batman and Catwoman, they seem at first like partners, then fighting foes, then maybe…an arguing couple? While they appear to have different goals, they might have the same enemies to take down.

Take a look in the player below. Selina still seems stuck with a ski mask that she mostly removes, but maybe she’ll obtain a better cowl by movie’s end.

The trailer also puts the focus on Bruce Wayne. In his civilian identity, it seems this incarnation of the socialite has yet to become a philanthropist. Moreover, Alfred may hide some dark Wayne family secrets. We know the Riddler’s targeting Gotham City’s elite — it’s logical to assume the Court of Owls will come into play.

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Oh, and that Batmobile? This Batman appears to have found his influences in the Fast and Furious movies. That’s some Toretto family driving, and that car’s not unlike Dom’s.

What do you think of Bruce and Selina’s interplay? Let us know in comments.

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