Eternals Producer Talks MCU Ramifications, Sequel Discussions

Marvel’s Eternals has yet to debut in theater, but it seems that producers believe very much in the impact it will have on audiences. Not only the story’s scope is so extensive that it covers pretty much everything that happened since the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Big Bang through the eras in which Academy Award winner Chloé Zhao’s film takes place, but it also might not conclude within a single movie. At least, that’s what Eternals producer Nate Moore is suggesting, while recently discussing the implications of the upcoming story on the MCU.

“Obviously, when you deal with characters like Eternals and Celestials and even Deviants, the ripple is quite beyond this film,” he said while talking with “We have some ideas of, again, how they can help be the spine of what Phase Four gets to be, but we always leave room for invention.”

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However, fans might want to keep expectations in check for a little bit longer. Moore revealed that a trilogy like Captain America‘s or Iron Man‘s hadn’t been planned, at least not for now. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen at some point since discussions for a potential sequel “have happened” already.

“To some degree, as the movie is finished and we’ve started showing it, audiences will tell us what they love, what they don’t understand, what they want more of,” he added. “We don’t presume to know what’s best for people or what they’re going to fall in love with. So there is a bit of discovery still.”

Eternals hits theaters this Friday, November 5.

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