The Flash Enters the Multiverse in First FanDome Footage

The Flash usually isn’t slow, but it feels like it took a long time to get here. A Barry Allen feature film will finally grace screens next November. And while it’s too soon to see a whole lot, DC FanDome gave us a tiny taste of footage to whet our appetites for the upcoming epic. In a story that will likely do some serious heavy-lifting for DCEU movie continuity, Ezra Miller‘s Barry Allen is about to reset the timeline in unplanned ways. That sounds like Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne narrating, and offering possibilities.

But that’s not him at the end. Or his car…

Check out the FanDome footage below:

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The new Flash costume appears very New 52 inspired, with all the light piping. It’s certainly more aerodynamic than his homemade wire-and-shield rig in Justice League. And just who are those allies Barry Allen has with him?

If that was Snyderverse Bruce Wayne narrating, it’s interesting that he’d encourage Barry Allen to go to a better universe. But we can’t wait to finally see that other Batman turn around.

Are you excited for The Flash to shake things up? Let us know what you think in comments below!

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