The Rocketeer and The Black Hole Action Figures Coming From Diamond Select

We’ll have a more in-depth look at Diamond Select Toys’ new offerings later in the week, but for now, feast your eyes on the gems of their display case. Clearly the reception for Kingdom Hearts and Tron figures was hugely positive, as the toy company is going back to the Disney well. And they’re looking to do justice to some under-appreciated properties.

The Black Hole, Disney’s unusually dark take on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in space, got action figures at the time, but ha smostly been neglected since. Movies in which all the characters wind up seemingly in Hell are tough sells like that. But it’s a great film, and deserves detailed toys. While it’s unlikely that the likes of Anthony Perkins and Ernest Borgnine signed off on likeness rights, the initial offerings come in robot form. the psychic V.I.N. Cent, aged Old B.O.B., and psychotic literal superfan Maximilian.

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1991’s The Rocketeer has cried out for a decent action figure since the movie came out. All we got at the time was a bendy figure. Funko tried a more detailed figure a couple years back, but it was plagued by easy breakability problems. This Cliff Secord looks to answer many long-term prayers, complete with alternate shirt flaps, rocket pack blueprints, and jet exhaust.

We’re all in favor of older Disney sci-fi getting mined for new toys. Flight of the Navigator, anyone? Race to Witch Mountain? Or — dare we dream — Return to Oz? For now, all we know is that Diamond is on the right track. Let’s support it and keep them there.