Rob Zombie Shares Makeup Effects For The Munsters Reboot

Ever since he was hired to reboot The Munsters for Universal, Rob Zombie has been flooding his Instagram feed with behind-the-scenes looks at the movie’s development process, sharing everything from concept art to wardrobe designs and beyond. Now, for his latest sneak peek, Zombie checked in with his makeup department to give fans an idea of what other supernatural creatures will have roles to play in the upcoming film.

To bring The Munsters’ world to life on the big screen, Zombie enlisted makeup artist Wayne Toth, who’s been working with Zombie since he made his directorial debut with House of 1000 Corpses in 2003. In a new Instagram post, Zombie shared some of Toth’s early work on The Munsters. Aside from an actor sitting for a head mold, we see casts of various other makeup effects. That includes a set of prosthetic teeth, a possible zombie head prosthetic, and a “demon” mask. Check them out for yourself below.

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Zombie has previously revealed early glimpses at the costumes that Herman and Lily Munster will wear in the movie. More recently, he posted an image of Herman’s forehead prosthetic. However, it’s still not clear if there’s any truth to the rumors that Jeff Daniel Phillips will star as the Munster family patriarch in the film. Zombie also shared the blueprints for the Munsters’ home on Mockingbird Lane as well.

Universal still hasn’t announced a release date for The Munsters.

What do you think of these latest creature designs for the reboot? Let us know in the comments down below!

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