First The Suicide Squad Reactions Say James Gunn Has Done It Again

While not everyone loves everything he’s ever done (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 remains surprisingly divisive), most audiences would agree that James Gunn‘s oeuvre stays fairly consistent. Whether as writer or director, his work tends toward absurd humor, raunchiness to the extent allowed, and weird sweetness amid intense violence. With The Suicide Squad finished almost a month ahead of release, it’s screened for a select few, and reactions are out. It’s what you’d expect from Gunn, especially with the freedom of an R-rating.

Ace comic book movie scooper Umberto Gonzales felt satisfied.

A former Disney publicist is impressed.

Turns out the characters everyone expected would be popular…are.

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But beneath the old ultra-violence, there’s heart.

And it’s not just genre site writers. People‘s Kara Warner found herself won over.

All seem to agree it’s probably not the kind of movie Disney would ever allow.

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Granted, early reactions trend toward writers who seemed most likely to enjoy this kind of movie anyway. But nobody seems to have come out of the screenings so far disappointed, or even mixed. Gunn offers a certain level of cinematic comfort food, but so far, he seems to have done far more than comfort.

Do you trust these early The Suicide Squad reactions? Let us know in comments.

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