Deadpool and Korg React To the Trailer For Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy

Marvel Studios is producing Deadpool 3, so it was inevitable that Ryan Reynolds would reprise his signature role.  However, no one could have guessed that Reynolds would be back in costume to promote his next film, Free Guy.

Within the 20th Century Studios film, Reynolds plays Guy, a NPC in a video game who slowly becomes aware of his true nature. Taika Waititi also stars in the movie as Antoine. That may be why both Reynolds and Waititi have revisited their respective Marvel characters, Deadpool and Korg, for a new “reaction video.”

As shared by Reynolds himself, the video reveals a previously unknown YouTube show where Deadpool reacts to trailers. He also doesn’t hold back from taking a few shots at Disney+ in the process.

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This is still far from an official MCU introduction for Deadpool. Regardless, he does ask Korg for some tips about how he can join Marvel’s big movie franchise.

Free Guy will hit theaters on August 13.  And it’s probably unlikely to hit Disney+ at any time in the future.

What do you think about the new Deadpool and Korg reaction video for Free Guy? Good promotion, or great promotion? Let us know in the comment section below!

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