Producer Talks Snake Eyes Name Origin, Relationship With Storm Shadow

Yesterday, Paramount debuted the second trailer for the upcoming Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins movie. The video teased that the film will explore the G.I. Joe fan-favorite character in a never-seen-before perspective. And Snake Eyes producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura believes that the story will offer new insight into the deadly ninja. For example, it will be explained how the titular hero and his friend Tommy, a.k.a. Storm Shadow, became bitter enemies.

“We’ve never explored really what was driving Storm to turn,” he said while talking with Empire. “Here, he’s not a bad guy by any stretch of the imagination, he’s a representative of the Arashikage clan. But you see the internal rage and internal perspective that could lead him down the path that he eventually comes to, that we’re more familiar with. The Arashikage believe there is a certain way to apply violence and he walks the line partly because of his inner rage and who he is. So he may break a cardinal rule.”

The producer also said that Shadow Storm might have some reasons for seeking vengeance.

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Di Bonaventura then addressed the origin of the name Snake Eyes en route to revealing that Larry Hama was on board to make some substantial changes to the character’s background.

“It’s the first time we’ve explored it. Larry Hama, the creator of Snake Eyes, is in on many of the decisions,” added di Bonaventura. “Snake in the comic is blond haired and blue eyed. We asked him why he made him that way. He said he didn’t really know. So we asked if he cared if he’s dark haired and Asian here? ‘Probably should have done that in the beginning!’ We try to give a little bit of an explanation. His character’s journey is that he’s had a life of bad luck. That’s the simplistic way of saying that’s how he got to Snake Eyes and then you watch it, and he struggles with that and he makes bad decisions in the movie, which I think is ballsy and hopefully the audiences are going to like it.”

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins will debut in theaters on July 23.

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