Dive Into Raiders of the Lost Ark’s Sound Design With a New Indiana Jones 4K Featurette

With the Indiana Jones series officially hitting 4K Ultra HD this week, fans will have to decide whether buying the movies on yet another format is actually worth it. Regardless, Lucasfilm is hoping to entice buyers with some new bonus content. That includes a featurette where legendary sound designer Ben Burtt reveals how he brought some of Raiders of the Lost Ark’s most famous sound effects to life.

Burtt is probably best known for his association with the Star Wars franchise, having developed the iconic lightsaber hum, blasterfire, and even R2-D2’s beeps. But his work on the Indiana Jones films can’t be understated. In the video, Burtt appears alongside foley artist John Roesch to explain what props they used to create body hits, the “whooshing” sound of a sword, and yes, even the snakes. And the source of the latter might surprise even the most die-hard Indy fans.

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Surprisingly, food played a major role in crafting some of Raiders’ standout noises. For example, remember the sound of dozens of snakes slithering throughout the Well of Souls? Burtt simply ran his fingers through some of his wife’s macaroni and cheese to create that. And the opening of the Ark of the Covenant? Well, it turns out we have Burtt’s toilet to thank for that…

The Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection will be available to own on 4K starting tomorrow, June 8.

You can watch Burtt’s featurette below, then tell us what you think in the comment section!

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