Indiana Jones LEGO Adds New Raiders and Last Crusade Sets

With a new Indiana Jones movie comes new merchandise. And as is standard Lucasfilm operating procedure at this point, merchandising the newest entry in a franchise generally also means a chance to merchandise every entry. Which is why the first three new Indiana Jones LEGO sets of the year hail from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

The two Raiders sets, loaded with action play features, are the most impressive. “Escape From the Lost Tomb” includes snake slithering action, surprise-reveal mummy, and a tipping statue to break open the wall and escape. “Temple of the Golden Idol” includes the big rolling boulder, secret doors, swing-over pit, and more, laying out the movie’s opening sequence in one display piece.

The Last Crusade set, “Fighter Plane Chase,” depicts Indiana and his father trying to escape in a car from a German airplane. The plane shoots studs, as a road sign warns of danger ahead.

There’s no fooling here — these sets should hit stores April 1, though some have leaked to stores already. The Idol set will run around $150, while the other two sets are $30-$40. Check out more images of the sets below.

Will you purchase these items? What Indiana Jones sets do you think LEGO should do next? Let us know in comments!

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