Adam Wingard Might Direct Legendary’s Next MonsterVerse Movie

The culmination of Legendary’s MonsterVerse saga finally hit theaters and HBO Max last month in the form of Godzilla vs. Kong. And as the movie continues to smash mid-pandemic box office records, the studio is already looking ahead to the franchise’s future. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Legendary has begun talks with director Adam Wingard to helm a new MonsterVerse installment.

Considering Godzilla vs. Kong’s impressive financial performance, it’s no surprise that Legendary wants Wingard back in the director’s chair. So far, the movie has made over $400 million worldwide, making it Hollywood’s top-grossing release since the pandemic began. Despite its concurrent premiere on HBO Max, the film also achieved a pandemic-best opening weekend with around $48.5 million in its first five days.

As of now, Wingard still hasn’t closed a deal to return. But if he does come back, it will add yet another big-budget action tentpole to his busy schedule. Earlier this year, Wingard signed on to helm a Face/Off sequel for Paramount. And just a few days before Godzilla vs. Kong opened, Warner Bros. chose him to direct their Thundercats movie. If the deal goes through, Wingard would also be the first MonsterVerse director to helm more than one film in the series.

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Legendary’s plans for the next phase of the MonsterVerse are still unclear, and as far as we know, the project doesn’t even have a writer attached. With Godzilla and Kong both still standing, new standalone sequels featuring those two kaiju are always on the table. Regardless, THR’s sources claim that Windard has already started brainstorming ideas for a follow-up with the studio. Apparently, one possibility is a new take on the Son of Kong story.

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