Godzilla vs. Kong Scores Pandemic Record 5-Day Box-Office

It appears that Warner Bros.’ gamble to release Godzilla vs. Kong both in theaters and on HBO Max paid off. According to Deadline, Adam Wingard’s latest film scored $9.6M on Wednesday, Mar. 31, followed by $6.7M on Tuesday and $11.6M on Friday. But the most significant day at the box office has been Saturday, with a reported $12.5M. So far, Sunday is looking good with $8.1M, bringing the latest installment at a total of $48.5M after five days of release. According to Forbes, it’s a record for any movie in the U.S. market following the COVID-19 outbreak.

The result looks good, considering that we are still living a pandemic, and many people might opt not to go into theaters for a while. On top of that, Warner Bros. has yet to reveal the numbers of HBO Max, which is playing an increasingly more relevant role in the producers’ plans. The Ann Sarnoff-led company has already announced that their next few blockbusters (Mortal KombatMatrix 4, among others) will follow the same double-released path for 2021.

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Apparently, at Warner Bros.’ headquarters are pretty satisfied with the result in the domestic market. And it also appears that the first numbers from the international market are boding well too. The reports indicate that globally Godzilla vs. Kong has grossed $285.4M so far.

“Monstrous results all across the United States,” said Warner Bros. Domestic Distribution President Jeff Goldstein while talking with Deadline. “Audiences are excited to see movies in theaters on the big screen with big sound.”

It’s just a matter of time before the newest installment in the Monsterverse will top $300M worldwide.

“This movie represents a way for people to slowly re-introduce themselves into a social environment,” Legendary Entertainment CEO Josh Grode added. “Heading back to movie theaters and learning we’re not going to get sick; it’s these steps we’re taking over the next two to three months to get back to the normalcy of life. This is a movie for a lot of people who are taking the first step.”

Godzilla vs. Kong is available to watch both on HBO Max and in theaters.

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